CCM Shoulder Pads Tacks AS-V Pro Senior

Stock Code: CPSP1704


  • Construction - MAX COVERAGE ASD (ANATOMICAL SHIELD DESIGN) FRONT FLEXMOTION CONSTRUCTION - New ASD construction offers top quality protection. Front Flexmotion construction offers competitive-level protection, mobility and comfort.

  • Caps - DUAL CORE HD FOAM CAPS WITH EXPOSED FOAM COVERS + D3O® AERO INSIDE + D3O® LITE FRONTAL IMPACT POD - Enhanced pro-level protection with D30 on the outer cap, to help absorb and distribute the toughest impacts from all angles..

  • Torso - MOLDED MD EVA FOAM + ADPTFIT ADJUSTABLE STRAPS - Superior comfort Flexmotion base jacket with added rib protection and length-adjustable torso straps to facilitate finding your ideal custom fit.

  • Biceps - ADAPTFIT+ STRAP AND HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE BICEP WITH + 1” INJECTED PLASTIC EXTENDABLE GUARD - Allow for a custom fit to help bridge the gap between your shoulder pad and elbow pad for maximum coverage elite level protection.

  • Sternum/Spine - VENT-TECH FLOATING STERNUM & SPINE HYBRID SHIELDS + D3O® AT PLEXUS & LOWER SPINE - Vent-Tech construction allows for added airflow in these hot spots, keeping you cool while the new hybrid shields keep you protected throughout the game with D3O® Smart Material reinforcement in key sensitive impact zones.

  • Liner -SUBLIMATED LINER + SOFT FEEL DUAL-LAYER STRETCH PANELS - Superior quality comfort liner with stretch feel panels throughout that move with you and keep the protection where it is should be.

  • Clavicle - REINFORCED FLOATING ARCHES FOR CLAVICLE AND SHOULDER BLADE PROTECTION - Elite-level clavicle protection in a highly mobile and comfortable design.

  • Extra Protection - VENT-TECH ADPTFIT+ HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE & REMOVABLE BELLY AND HD FOAM LOWER BACK PADS - Breathable and adjustable extra belly and lower back pads help you customize your coverage to extend protection and improve interaction with your hockey pants.

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