CCM Ribcor Trigger Left

Stock Code: CSCS2785401

The CCM Ribcor Trigger ASY is the top of the line model of the new Ribcor stick line for 2016. Ribcor has always been about generating efficient loading to achieve a quick releasing shot in a low-kick package. With familiar technologies in Pop Matrix and Technora, CCM changed it up and added new features to optimize performance throughout the entire stick. No doubt the biggest change coming in this stick is going to be the new ASY-1 flex profile. This is not to be confused with the flex point, which thanks to PopMatrix technology is a low kick point. The Trigger features a completely new layup that was developed to maximize the performance of every single fiber in the stick by strategically layering and angling the fibers in certain areas of the stick. This allows for an even quicker release all designed and tested from NHL player feedback and the CCM performance lab. This new layup also accentuates the PopMatrix technology giving shooter’s the ability to get their shots off as quickly as possible. The Trigger features PopMatrix technology which was last seen in the Reckoner. PopMatrix is a unique visual technology that consists of carbon fibers which are permanently in tension due to the unique concave geometry through the taper of the shaft. The idea of this is to get easy loading, more efficient energy transfer and a faster snap back as quickly as possible. CCM has been able to come up with quantifiable measurements to show that the Trigger has the highest release rate from a CCM stick to date. The performance fibers that are found in the rib are also protected by an outer layer composed of protective fibers to put durability issues to rest. This all translates into less effort required to load the fibers of the shaft, which results in a load, release, and feel unlike any other on the market. As the Ribcor line has become linked to Technora Technology, it’s to no surprise that the CCM Trigger will be featuring the Aramid Fiber reinforcements running through the lower third of the stick. Technora is a patented, synthetic fiber similar to Kevlar that boasts a high tensile strength and better bending properties, which is why it has been trusted and used in the automotive and aerospace industries for years. The same material used in parachutes, body armor, and jet engines now reinforces an area of high wear and tear, the slash zone. This is beneficial in helping to take this stick to high levels of durability and ensuring the longevity of the pop life game in and game out for an overall better performing stick. Moving down to the blade, the Trigger comes equipped with the new Ascent 2 blade. The Ascent 2 is rooted from its predecessor the Ascent, found in the Reckoner, but comes with a few changes in this Trigger model. As CCM’s dangler stick, they really wanted to promote that great feel any puck handler would desire, so to achieve this CCM raised the one internal support bridge a bit higher to allow the puck to make more contact with the premium foam in the blade. While the feel of this blade will be softer to provide those soft hands, the toe is still stiff to provide accurate and quick releasing shots off the toe. Simply put Ascent 2 is lighter, provides more feel, accurate and full of pop. The new Ribcor Trigger ASY-1 stays true to the DNA of the Ribcor line while, once again, improving its feel and performance. Check out the Trigger today for MAXIMUM POP.

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