CCM RBZ Jetspeed 130 Sr Left

Stock Code: CSCS5375191

The RBZ 130 Grip Composite Hockey Stick embodies the essence of RBZ: a rocketing shot, impressive flex, and eye-catching graphics.

Slightly heavier than the Superfast and the 150, the RBZ 130 offers top-notch features for a mid-level stick. Its SpeedBlade2 technology with Freak Channels maximizes puck speed on slap shots by converting potential energy into kinetic energy, making your shots more lethal.

The reduced swing weight minimizes the heaviness of the blade during a wind-up, allowing for quicker energy transfer and transforming your shot from powerful to precise.

The RBZ 130 composite stick boasts consistent stiffness throughout the shaft, letting you select your kick point. The decision between a high or low kick point is no longer a challenge.

With its striking red-and-black design, the RBZ 130 signals to everyone on the ice that you're ready to launch powerful shots from anywhere.

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