CCM Catcher Eflex 4.5 Jr

The ultimate combination of playability and feel, the new Extreme Flex E4.5 glove is meticulously engineered and handcrafted for an immediate game-ready feel.


  • CUFF/THUMB - One Piece. Maximum coverage

  • BREAK/ANGLE - 600. Middle of hand closure

  • PALM STIFFNESS - Game-ready fit. Easy break-in

  • WRIST STRAP - Webbing strap. Quick easy adjustment

  • POCKET - Double straight tee. Helps track the puck

  • FINGER GUARD - Low density finger padding. Great protection

  • CUFF/THUMB COMPOSITION - Injection molded PE and PE foam. Impact absorption

  • INNER PALM - ¼” Felt/Foam. Game ready flex

  • FINGER STALLS - Nash. Quicker Release

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