CCM Ribcor Trigger 2 Inter Left

Stock Code: CSCS5755291

The seamless taper profile of this stick offers a smooth transition area that optimizes the low kick flex profile. Enhancing this feature improves the quickness of your release and the shooting efficiency of the stick. Building on the improved taper design, CCM has also optimized the vertical flex profile, making it easier for players to move the puck into the ideal shooting position. This allows players to bring their stick closer to their body when loading the shot before release.

One of the most intriguing features of this stick is the Crossbow Effect. Developed from data acquired at CCM's performance lab, this feature is created by an enhanced flex zone in the upper third of the shaft, enabling players to store maximum energy in both the upper and lower parts of the shaft.

The Ribcor Trigger2 hockey stick has an optimized low kick point for quick and easy release. It features Popmatrix Technology with a re-engineered taper, providing a smooth transition area that maximizes bending and efficiently transfers stored energy. The stick is equipped with the Ascent Blade 3, one of the lightest and strongest blades on the market, which has a tactile surface for improved puck feel and added reinforcement in the heel and toe.

The shaft is constructed using the industry's lowest fiber areal weight carbon to enhance performance, reduce weight, and increase strength. Additionally, CCM has incorporated Sigmatex, an ultra-lightweight and strong material developed by a leader in composite technology. Sigmatex's high tension weaving process ensures exceptional strength and durability.

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