CCM Skates Ribcor 100K Pro Senior

The new Ribcor 100k pro skate is uniquely engineered to help you maximise your agility on the ice. for the first time ever featuring CCM’s new one-piece boot flex technology in the Ribcor line, the entire skate is designed to increase your range of motion and optimise your performance. the flex motion tongue, paired with a new flexible tendon guard will give you an unmatched feeling and the ability to move deeply into your strides and sharp turns. 


  • Quarter package - One Piece boot flex. All about performance and agility. Players get more direct energy transfer and closer fit for more agility and faster strides

  • Material - RFM Composite. NHL- Caliber lightweight composite material with flexible structure

  • Stiffness performance index - 175-185 Variable flex. Flexible core offers excellent fi t and enhanced biomechanics with every stride

  • Liner - Totaldri comfort. High-performance moisture-wicking material keeps feet dry and skates light, combined with a seamless assembly for increased comfort

  • Comfort Pad - Smooth Contour Pro. Soft pad around top of the boot for superior foot and ankle comfort

  • Ankle Padding - ADPT Memory Foam. Extra comfort memory foam pads wrap around player’s foot for customised fit and comfort

  • Tongue - Replaceable FlexMotion Tongue. 7mm tongue with FlexMotion design for increased forward flexion and advanced lace-bite protection.

  • Midsole - Lightweight composite model. For enhanced energy transfer from blade to boot

  • Toe Cap - Asymmetrical Design. Asymmetrical toe cap shape for improved fit

  • Footbed - Moulded CCM Ortholite® Ultralite™. Ultra-lightweight comfort and superior support

  • Holder - Speedblade XS. CCM quick release holder with bladelock system

  • Runner - Step Blacksteel (+4mm). Highest quality of steel with carbon-coated technology for superior edge hardness and phenomenal glide

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