CCM Shoulder Pads Tacks AS-580 Senior

Stock Code: CPSP1304


  • Construction - MAX COVERAGE ASD (ANATOMICAL SHIELD DESIGN) FRONT FLEXMOTION CONSTRUCTION - New ASD construction offers top quality protection. Front Flexmotion construction offers competitive-level protection, mobility and comfort.

  • Caps - JDP INJECTED CAPS - Elite-level cap construction disperses the impact force away from the shoulders.

  • Torso - MOLDED MID DENSITY EVA FOAM - Elite-level protection and comfort.

  • Biceps - HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE BICEP - Height adjustable bicep makes it easy to find your perfect fit.

  • Sternum/Spine - VENT-TECH FLOATING STERNUM HYBRID SHIELD + COMPRESS-MOLDED SPINE CAP - Added breathability to keep you cool and a hybrid shield sternum along with compress-molded spine cap for a competitive-level protection.

  • Liner - SUBLIMATED + COMFORT LINER - Superior quality liner that helps airflow to keep you dry.

  • Clavicle - FLOATING ARCHES FOR CLAVICLE AND SHOULDER BLADE PROTECTION - Competitive-level clavicle protection that provide enhanced mobility.

  • Extra Protection - ADPTFIT HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE & REMOVEABLE BELLY PAD - Adjustable belly pad offers customizable coverage to help enhance protection.

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